“Daisy Chain in Stepaside is a first class childcare provider. Both of My Children have attended full time over the last four years. The care provided is of the highest standard and inline with HSE regulation. They don’t just look after my children, they genuinely know, care and nurture their development. My children are genuinely happy going  to creche every morning.


“Having viewed a number of creches before sending my son to Daisy Chain Stepaside, the first thing that struck me about the centre was genuine devotion of the staff to the children. This nurturing attitude is responsible for my son blossoming and developing socially and emotionally far beyond my imagination in the past two and a half years”

“Our two girls have been in Daisy Chain Milltown since they were each eleven months old. They are both very happy there and we as parents are very happy with it. We feel it is a very warm, friendly and safe environment. The staff are well trained, personable and very attentive to our children’ s needs. There is great variety in the themes and activities the children undertake and they come home tired and happy at the end of their day”.

“We have been with Daisy Chain in Stepaside almost five years now. What really appeals to me is the small and personal feeling to the creche and how all the staff know each child so well regardless of what room/ age group they are from. Our two girls go in happily every day and come home full of chat about their day and what they have done. I would have no hesitation in recommending Daisy Chain to anyone.”

“My daughter attends Daisy Chain’ Rathfarnham branch and it is brilliant. My older daughter also attended previously. The staff are fantastic teachers, organisers, listeners, developers and friends to all the children who attend their rooms. My youngest loves going in, in the morning and us always in great form coming home. It is a perfect pre-cursor for the children for ‘big’ school. They are well prepared and learn a huge amount about a wide variety and range of topics. Themes are developed during the year with a Christmas play and lots of fun within a beautiful scrap book given to each child at the end of the year and it is so thoughtfully and well presented. A prize possession to keep for future years. I would highly recommend Daisy Chain.”

Our daughter joined Daisy Chain in Rathfarnham in June 2016. As all parents we were very nervous about leaving her all day with strangers but we were absolutlely thrilled after the first day to see how easy she settled in Maria in particular who looked her did a wonderful job. Within one week she was in a great sleeping routine, was eating solid foods consistently and was already showing signs of progression. Overall we couldn’t be happier and would recommend Daisy Chain to any parent.

I would highly recommend Daisy Chain to others. Our daughter attends the centre in Rathfarnham and has come on so well socially. She was very quiet at the start, now months on she is constantly chatting, singing songs at home and has met lovely friends. The staff are brilliant and so friendly which gives me peace of mind and happiness leaving her there each day.”

The smile on my son’ face running into Megan and his pals each morning tells me he couldn’t be happier. My experience with all the staff in the Rathfarnham centre is that he is not just minded & educated he is loved. It makes a huge difference to us all knowing he is safe and happy each and every day.