Who We Are

at Daisy Chain

With over 18 years experience you can be sure of the highest quality education and care at a Daisy Chain Montessori and Child Care. Daisy Chain is a family run business with four centres in, Terenure, Rathfarnham, Stepaside and Milltown.Daisy Chain is committed to providing quality childcare in a safe and nurturing environment. At Daisy Chain the child always comes first. We ensure that parents receive a first class service from qualified and friendly staff. We are committed to best practice and we engage with the Aistear curriculum as well as the Montessori programme and we follow the 16 Siolta standards.

Our Rooms

Daisy Chain offers a full range of care from babies to after school

Baby Rooms

Our baby rooms care for babies aged 12 weeks and upward. The ratio of carers to babies is three babies to one carer enabling us to provide the personal level of attention and care that each infant requires at this stage. Our baby rooms hold a maximum of six babies in most of our centres which ensures a calm relaxed environment – exactly what your baby needs. .Our baby rooms are laid out for the safety and development of the babies. When a new baby comes to us there is a complimentary settling in period, usually one week. This allows both baby and parents the time to get to know the carers and the environment and gain peace of mind before returning to work. With this infant age group, we work very closely with parents on each baby's individual routine. Each baby has their own daily notebook where a record is kept of their day. This contains sleep, feeding, changing details, daily activities and any other relevant information. We have an open door Policy so you can drop in at any time to see your baby.

Wobbler & Toddler

The next stage in your little child’s life is the Wobbler Room when they are ready, normally when they are over one. Our Wobbler rooms have an art/messy area, construction corner, home corner, dress up and sand and water play which feeds the child imagination and creativity. The daily routine in this room is more structured with activities suited to the age group. This period in an infant’s life is initially about developing their gross motor skills. It’s as though they are saying ``now I have my legs. I'm off- goodbye!`` This is a time for great discovery for your child and our carers will provide a special and secure environment that is interesting to explore. It is also the beginning of identity and language. Our carers will promote your child’s individuality and language skills through daily activities, weekly themes, songs, storytelling and creative art. Toddler Room</p> <p>The next stage for your child is the Toddler Room. This is for the age group one to two. As with the Wobbler Room there are different areas for the children to use their imagination i.e. home, dressing up area, shop, construction area, cosy corner and sand and water. At this stage their personality is developing and they want the world to know all about it! You know your child has reached this point as they say ``Mine`` ``Give me`` to just about anything! We look behind these words and ensure that the children are given challenging and attainable goals. At this stage of their development independence is so important ``Help me to do it myself`` (Maria Montessori) Our carers ensure the child's need for independence is met through all activities, small and large group work, individual work, arts and crafts and weekly jobs<br />


We at Daisy Chain are very proud of our Montessori Classrooms. Each classroom is fully equipped with Montessori materials and has fully trained Montessori teachers. The environment provided is carefully planned and suitably structured. The classroom is the child's environment and all the Montessori materials are displayed at child level. The child will grow and learn in a natural way to reach his/her full potential. The Montessori classroom provides an environment where children are encouraged to learn with other children at his/her own pace. When the child has completed his/her Montessori pre-school education, he/she will be well equipped to start Primary School with confidence. St. Nicholas Montessori Teachers Association also inspects our classrooms and we have a Montessori mentor who ensures all our classrooms and equipment are kept up to the highest standards.

After School

<br /> Our after school service provides a collection from school where possible we walk and if its not possible we go by car. Our drivers are fully licensed We collect from schools that are generally quite close to our centres. We also supply a breakfast club and a drop down to school where possible but not all of our centres provide a breakfast club. .<br /> Our after school service provides a relaxed environment for children of school age. They will have a nutritious hot dinner on arrival and then the carers will supervise homework. After homework time we encourage the children to unwind and relax socialising with friends in free play, art projects and other activities. We ensure that after their long busy day they also get outdoor time in the garden. We see it as a place where children can unwind after the school day and feel a sense of belonging..</p> <p>However we feel homework is a very important part of our schedule. Although we have a routine drawn up we feel that after school children should have as much freedom of choice to allow children active involvement in the decision-making process of the service.<br />

Meet Our Managers!

Our Managers are supported by Assistant Managers and the a great team of Teachers and Carers!

Ashling Hughes

Milltown Manager

Lindsay Feary

Stepaside Manager

Muiriosa Leane

Terenure Manager

Danielle Valentine

Rathfarnham Manager


Head Office

Milltown, Dublin 6

Office Hours

Mon – Fri 8.00 am – 6.00 pm

Phone & E-mail

01 219 6656 - info@daisychain.ie