Room activities for September in Stepaside

Baby Room Themes: September 2017

Week 1: This week we will explore with our hands and feet and make our handprints and footprints to display on our wall (Exploring and thinking Identity and Belonging)


Week 2: All about me Well being This week we will make our baby room passport with all the information about ourselves. We will take lots of photos to display in our room.  (Exploring and thinking Identity and Belonging Communicating)


Week 3: This week we will ask for family photos make a family tree and lovely new family books to look at!!! (Exploring and thinking Well being Identity and Belonging Communicating)


Week 4: This week we will be looking at the colour of our eyes and hair and do some colouring using these colours. (Exploring and thinking Well being Identity and Belonging Communicating)

Wobbler and Toddler Room Themes – September 2017

Week 1 :       All about me!-  Identity and belonging

Welcome to the Wobbler Room! This week is all about us! We are very special as you know! We are all different and that’s what makes us unique!  We will be looking at ourselves in the mirror and talking about our different features. We will do lots of crafts this week too and taking lots of photos.

For baking this week we will bake individual yummy treats to bring home and share with our family.

Reminder: If you have not already, please send us in some photos from home for our individual home books.

Week 2:                    My Family- Identity and belonging/ Well Being

This week is family week! We will ask the parents to please send us in some family photos and we will be making a giant family tree using our handprints to represent us individually. We will also make individual family trees using both our handprints and footprints.

For baking we will make some yummy homemade sweet bread.

Week 2: My Class/Learning- Identity and belonging/ Exploring and thinking

This week we will be focusing on learning that supports our development. Each day will represent a different area of our development. Monday will be cognitive-puzzles and memory games, Tuesday will be linguistic- photobooks and flash cards, Wednesday will be emotional, Thursday will be social- baking (teamwork) and Friday will be physical- yoga and dancing. We team learn through play and having fun!

For baking this week we will make chocolate cake to share.

 Week 4: The Alphabet- Exploring and thinking

This week we will be singing our ABC’s! We will be doing arts and crafts and songs to support our learning. We will make some individual crafts using our initials too and we will colour some ABC pictures. We will be making lots of letter sounds in our circle like: “ah ah apple” and “b b ball”. We will also make some alphabet jelly this week too using some alphabet sweets in the jelly.

Montessori: September 2017

Dear Parents,


It’s that time of the year again already! We hope you have all enjoyed the summer and for those of you who were off, you are very welcome back!


This month we will be going back to basics with everybody to make sure our second years remember the work from last year and to teach our newest Montessori members. We will start with grace and courtesy exercises in the first week and also use this week to get to know each other well. We will play a “getting to know you” game in circle time for this.

We will do our first painting in Montessori in week 1 and we will read a book called “Our Peaceful Classroom”- this is a beautiful book all about the Montessori environment and it is illustrated by children in a Montessori setting.

This month we will be learning all our circle time songs like “Good Morning” and our weather song.

We will have our Practical Life and Sensorial shelves open for the first two weeks and we will gradually open our other shelves as the weeks go on. At the moment we have all areas of practical life on the shelf. These exercises will become more complex as the year goes on. The same applies for every shelf- we start with simple work and as we practise and become more confident with our work, we will add much more challenging work to the shelves.

Montessori Themes: September 2017

Week 1: All about me This week we will be getting to know each child individually. We will be finding out all about their personality. We will be conducting our first science experiment using an apple to demonstrate how people may look different on the outside but inside we are made of the same stuff! We will be painting our self-portraits to hang up. We will be concentrating on practical life exercises this week and how we would like our classroom to be; peaceful, calm, quiet, mannerly etc.

Week 2: My friends

This week we will be getting to know our friends better. We will be encouraged to get to know someone who we don’t know so well. We will make some beautiful friendship bands for our friends and exchange them in circle time. We will also be doing some baking this week- making yummy rock buns!

Week 3: My family

This week we will be talking about our families. We will be asked to bring in some family photos and we will make a family tree and stick the photos on it so that we can look at them whenever we like. By now we will working more with our sensorial materials and our second year students will be learning more advanced work. We will also have our second science experiment- magnetic and non-magnetic.

Week 4: Things I like

This week is still about getting to know each child. We will be discussing our likes and dislikes. We will bring in some magazines and catalogues and make a collage of all the things we like using scissors and glue. We will also be baking some yummy cookies this week.

All our themes this month relate to Aistear’s four themes:

Identity & Belonging Exploring & Thinking Well Being Communication