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September Newsletter 2017


Dear Parents

Welcome to our September newsletter

After such an amazing fun filled and crazy summer it’s time to settle down and put our thinking caps back on as Montessori starts back in full swing this week. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome back everyone who finished for the summer, We hope you had a great break, and also to welcome everyone who has just joined us here in Daisy chain.

With summer officially over its time for us to take down our summer displays and make room for some beautiful Autumn colours in our rooms.

Last month we welcomed Alex and Sam into our baby room, Oscar and Sadie welcomed them with big smiles and they are both settling in very well. This week we will Welcome Joni to the baby room , im sure Sadie will be very happy to add another girl to the mix. No doubt this group of messers will keep Maria and Sarah busy over the next few weeks.

In our wobbler room this month we will welcome Max and Sam, we look forward to them joining our crazy wobblers and making new friends. Alot of children moved to new rooms over the Summer and Im sure you have all noticed how well they have settled, they think hard of even setting foot in their old rooms.

Last week we welcomed David into our toddler room and he is getting on very well, he seems to be enjoying his new class and new buddies.

September is going to be a great month with lots of fun activities, here is a look at whats coming up.

Week one-All about me

This week our wobbler and toddler rooms will be very busy with new children starting and children transitioning into their new rooms. The children will be talking all about themselves.

The wobblers will make a family tree and they will do their very own self portrait that will display in the room. The wobblers will also make their own “All about me” picture, with eye and hair colour and their favourite toys.

The toddlers will make their own “ All about me” profile. They will do hand painting name tags and will talk about their favourite activities. On Friday they will make some delicious treats.

Week two – Our Classroom

This week in the wobbler and toddler rooms the children will be talking about their classroom and the different activities we get up to in our class every day.

The wobblers talk about the different areas in their room and they will make a new birthday chart. They will display some pictures of themselves in their new surroundings. On Friday they will make some delicious treat.

In our toddler room this week they will work together to do a welcome to our class poster. The toddlers will also make a list of rules for their classroom. Megan and Raquel will introduce the toddlers to the work on their shelves. On Friday the Toddlers will do some baking.

Week three- Friendship

This week the children in the wobbler and toddler rooms will be talking about friendship and how important it is to take turns and share with our friends.

The Wobblers will make a friendship ring and will display it up on their wall. They will make handprint flowers to show their growing friendship. On Friday the wobblers will make some yummy treats.

The Toddlers will work together to make a friendship wreath and a friendship tree to hang on their wall and will enjoy dancing together to our children in motion cd. Again, Friday will baking and the toddlers will make something to take home.

Week four + five- Colours/Shapes

For the next two weeks the children in the wobbler and toddler rooms will be learning about all the different colours and shapes that we see every day.

The wobblers will make different shapes using different colours. They will also do some very basic shape flash cards which they will also do in circle every morning and will make a colour caterpillar to hang on their wall. The wobblers will also learn “I can sing a rainbow” to help learn their colours.

Each day the Toddlers will learn a different colours and shapes, using different textures such as foam, playdough and paint and different shaped blocks. They too will learn colours and shapes through songs.

Important Notice

 Please remember that we do have a healthy eating policy in place, any cakes/chocolate or other treats will be sent home. 

I would like to thank you all for making my admin a little easier with the ECCE and CCSP schemes, everyone was very quick to get the information required to me which made the registration process a lot easier!

If you have not signed your fee letter yet please come to me asap to do so.

Lastly we would like to wish anybody celebrating their birthday this month a very

Happy Birthday!!!

We hope you have a fantastic day.