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We hope you all had a lovely summer and welcome back to anybody who was off. We have been busy during the summer holidays with summer camp and organising our rooms for September. I will send you all the themes/planning in a separate email for the room your child is in. For September every room has the theme of family/friendship and getting to know each other so could everyone please send us in a family photo as soon as possible for our family trees. It’s so nice for the children to be able to go to their family tree and see a photo of their family. If you don’t have one to hand, you can email one to me and I can print it off here.

Chiara is moving to Milltown on Monday 4th September. She will be hugely missed here but we wish her all the best and will still keep in touch!

Our new Montessori teacher, Marie started with us a few weeks ago and is getting on great. I will be in the Montessori room with Marie in the mornings and Natasha will take over at 12.15 after Montessori ends.

Our centre is becoming busier from September so please be aware that during handovers in the evening or morning, only one staff member can do a handover and the other must stay with the children so please don’t be offended if the girls ask you to wait a moment as we must put the children’s safety first.

Baby Room We have had a quiet summer in the baby room but things are picking up again and we have new babies starting this month and next. Isobel started with us this month and is already flying! Dominic and Diego will start with us this month too so welcome! Antonio will celebrate his first birthday this month so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Antonio!! This month we will also be taking lots of photos and making a new photo timeline of our daily routine.

Wobbler Room Some of our pals made the move upstairs during the summer so our room is a little quieter now but we are still having lots of fun! We celebrated Zoe, Emily and Teddy’s birthdays last week too so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Can all parents please send us in some photos for our family books along with an actual family photo?  Examples for the books being- extended family, pets, family car, photo of house, favourite toys etc.

Toddler Room Our toddlers had a great summer too. The older group moved over to the Montessori room and the toddlers spent the past few weeks making new friends with the wobblers who moved up. Toby also joined our group and settled in fantastically! We celebrated jack’s birthday too last month so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack!

Montessori Room Summer camp has come to an end but I think everyone is looking forward to getting back to our regular routine. We were all excited to see the Montessori work being put back on the shelves this week. We will be welcoming lots of new faces to our classroom this month and getting to know each other and refreshing our minds on the Montessori curriculum. Ellie turns 3 this month too and we celebrated Charlies birthday last month so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eliie and Charlie!!